Taylor Sound

Recording Studio

When we laid out the recording studio at Taylor Sound, we did it with the purpose of making it comfortable and functional. Load in is simple and easy because the studio is on the ground floor. Choose driving in to our covered loading dock or just come in the front door from our ample and free parking lot.

With 2 live rooms, you can record a full band with plenty of options for separation. Our 6'X8' vocal booth is spacious enough to fit 3 or even 4 vocalists at a time. When it's time to cut a lead vocal, you'll find the booth to be an intimate place where the creative spirit is easily accessed. Our 16'X16' live room can be customized with sound baffles to get the sound you're looking for. We can get 'big and live' or a 'tight and snappy' drum sound.

The engineers at Taylor Sound listen to the clients. We want to give you the sound you hear in your head. We will do everything in our power to help bring that into reality. Our technique takes everything into account, from guitar strings and drum heads to pre-amps and microphones. You play the songs, let us capture the sound.


Partial Gear List

Dangerous Monitor ST
Pro-Tools 12 Native
Waves IOC and IOX Interfaces
Waves Digigrid Server
Mercury Waves Plug-In Bundle (legit)
Yamaha NS-10 Reference Monitors
Neumann KH 120s
Rythmic Audio Sub
TL Audio Tube Dual Mic-Preamp
API 521C Pre
Great River Pre
2 Flexiguy Pres
Neve Dual Compressor
Crane Song Pre


2 Neumann TLM103 Microphones
Neumann U87
2 Shure Beta 58s
Shure Beta 57
2 Shure 57s
4 Shure 58s
AKG D112 pair
Sennheiser 421 pair
AKG C1000
4 Shure Beta 98AMPs
3 Shure KSM137s and more


Fender Stratocaster Voodoo Jimi Hendrix with Don Mare Rockin Robbin Pickups
Tokai Telecaster with Lust Pickups and Super Vee Maverick Tremolo
Guild D-55 Acoustic
Fender 1966 P-Bass
25th Anniversary PRS McCarty
12 String Rickenbacher 330
Les Paul Classic Custom Shop with Lust Black Roses Pickups


Ampeg 1975 SVT with Flatback 8X10
Fender 1962 Tremolux
Marshall Studio 15
Marshall 1968 50 Watt Small Box (all original)
Marshall 1974 50 Watt Lead
Marshall 1978 4×12 with 2 Celestion Greenbacks and 2 Vintage 30s
1966 Fender Bassman
Marshall Studio 15


4 Piece Ayotte Canadian Maple (wood hoops)
5 Piece Acrylic DW
Infinity Drumworks Rental

Recording Samples

Listen to samples of music our engineers have recorded at Taylor Sound.

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