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Rehearsal Space


10X22 Available Now – $600/mo

10X16 Available Now -$475/mo 

Mon, Tues, Thurs Available in Band Share B – $250/mo

Standard Lockout

Do you want your own space where you can come and go as you please, bring in your own equipment and make as much noise as you'd like any time you want? Then, you're looking for a standard lockout space. Here, you pay a monthly fee and the space is yours and yours alone. This is our most popular option, but it's not all we have.

New Band Share Memberships

What is it? A band share membership is our most flexible rehearsal option. You pay a flat fee of $360 and you get 6 - 3 hour rehearsals you can use anytime Band Share B or C is available during a 60 day period. Once you pay the fee, you schedule a time to get your keys, then you can schedule your sessions online and access the space during your scheduled sessions.

Band Share

When you opt for a band share, you pay a monthly fee and you get 1 or 2 nights per week in the band share space. The space is equipped with a PA system and a set of drums. You bring your own guitars, keyboards and amps. When you sign up for a band share, you choose your weekly slot. For example you could take Mondays from 6:30pm to 10:30pm and that is your time every week. It's a fantastic option for bands who only practice once per week and do not want to commit financially to a lockout space.
$225/mo - Sorry, the video is outdated.

It's also great for bands that want some gear provided for them. At Taylor Sound in Saint Louis Park, we have the most convenient load in possible. Just pull into our load in garage and walk down a short hallway to your space. You're out of the weather and it's all on one floor.

Weekly, Daily or Hourly

Maybe you just want to jam with a friend for a couple hours or audition a new player. Maybe you're on the road and want to write some new songs or work up a new set. Then, hourly rehearsal is for you. We can customize your rehearsal experience by providing you back line equipment. We can do large tech rehearsals for touring bands. We can accommodate almost any rehearsal need, including, green room, catering, running and more.

Drum Practice

You just want to practice your drums for an hour or two a few times per week. Then buy 15 hours of drum practice for $100! We provide you with a key and an access card to our drum rooms. We give you access to our online calendars. You look at the calendar and see an open slot. Email us and let us know you're coming and you're in. Once you're set up, it's hassle free.

Procedure for Renting

  1. Take a tour of the facility and speak to a staff member. If you can’t take a tour, contact us via email, phone or text. We’ll explain it all. Or just look over the website. It’s full of good info.
  2. Decide what fits your needs: Monthly, Daily, Hourly, Package or Membership.
  3. If you’re going with a monthly room or weekly Band Share, you’ll need to sign a contract and pay an invoice. We can email you a contract and an invoice or we can do it in person.
  4. If you’re going with a Band Share Membership, Drum Membership or Hourly Rehearsal, you can do that all online here (Scheduling, Payments and Keys): https://taylorsoundbooking.simplybook.me/v2/#book 
  5. If it’s a monthly or a weekly Band Share option, you will meet with a staff member to get your keys and key cards sometime before your tenancy starts. From there on, you will have access to your space 24/7.

Band Share

How does a band share work?

Band shares come with a drumset and a PA system with 3 mics. Bands bring in and load out amps, guitars and whatever auxiliary equipment they might need.

Lockers can be rented for $75/mo. Lockers can hold one band’s entire setup, including drums.

Band shares can be used when you aren’t ready to make a long term commitment. They are also very convenient because we provide the PA and the drums.

We have 4 options:

1. $195/mo (most popular)
1 night per week. For example, Mondays from 7-10pm. Use it or lose it.

2. $255/mo.
1 night per week with flex option. Contact Taylor Sound to move your time slot to another open slot if you can’t make your regular time.

3. $315/mo
2x per week. Use it or lose it.

4. $375/mo
2x per week with flex.

One-off Rehearsals and Packages

Packages can be a maximum of 5 hours. If you only want to play for a couple hours, cool, but it’s still the same price.

BAND SHARE A is 16’X16′ (1-4 members):
1 rehearsal is $90
2 rehearsals are $150
4 rehearsals are $250

BAND SHARE B is 25’x11′ (1-7 members):
1 rehearsal is $120
2 rehearsals are $200
4 rehearsals are $275

BAND SHARE C is 25’X30′ (5 or more members):
1 rehearsal is $150
2 rehearsals are $250
4 rehearsals are $400

Drummers only:
15 hours for $100 (time to be used within 60 days)

Touring Band Rehearsal Rider

For touring bands, please visit the Touring Band Rehearsal Rider page.

Rehearsal Room Rental Contract

Please download, fill out and send the Rehearsal Room Rental Contract before making a purchase.

There are two options for how to pay:
1 – Monthly Rehearsal Payment
2 – Band Share or Hourly Rehearsal Payment

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